geneMAP™ MTB/XDR Detection Kit (MTB/XDR-RT25) (Available Soon)


  • Superior Analytical Sensitivity and specificity
  • Fast and Easy to Use with Multiplex Realtime PCR Technology
  • Compatible with FAM, VIC/HEX, ROX and CY5 4 Colors Real-Time PCR Instruments
  • RUO

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a global health problem that hinders the progress of tuberculosis eradication programs. Accurate and early detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis is essential for effective patient care, for preventing tuberculosis spread, and for limiting the development of drug-resistant strains. Culture-based drug susceptibility tests are the gold standard method for the detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis, but they are time-consuming and technically challenging, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

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