geneMAP™ HLA-B*51 Detection Kit (B51-RT50)


  • Accurate Results with Allele Specific PCR technology
  • Compatible with all Realtime PCR instruments capable of melting curve analysis
  • CE-IVD

It was diagnosed in 1937 by Hulusi Behçet, a Turkish doctor, and is therefore referred to as Behçet’s Disease or Behçet’s Syndrome in the international literature. It is a rare, immune-related disease of unknown origin that causes inflammation of blood vessels in the subcutaneous, eye, and brain in general.

The Genmark HLA-B51 assay provides a very simple procedure to identify the HLA-B51 gene, which is frequently seen in Behçet’s disease. You can easily and quickly identify the HLA-B51 gene as a multiplex PCR.

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