geneMAP™ PD-L1 Expression Analysis Kit (PDL-24)


  • Fast and Easy to Use with Multiplex Realtime PCR Technology
  • Accurate expression analysis with TaqMan Probe technology
  • Compatible with FAM, VIC/HEX two Colors Real-Time PCR Instruments
  • RUO

So far most clinical trials have demonstrated superior efficacy of immunotherapy in advanced NSCLC, and shown a strong predictive association between PD-L1 expression levels and clinical efficacy endpoints such as overall survival, progression free survival, objective response rate. In a phase III study, PD-L1 positive patients treated with nivolumab vs. docetaxel had longer survival time than PD-L1 negative patients after progression on platinum-based chemotherapy. Furthermore, the benefit was statistically significant across all endpoints at predefined (≥1%, ≥5%, and ≥10%) PD-L1 expression levels.

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