geneMAP™ Influenza A/B Detection Kit (INFA/B-RT50)


  • Superior Analytical Sensitivity and specificity
  • Fast and Easy to Use with One Step Multiplex Realtime PCR Technology
  • Compatible with FAM, VIC/HEX and Cy5 Three Colors Real-Time PCR Instruments
  • CE-IVD

Influenza virus infection is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can spread easily and that is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality each year. Elderly and compromised individuals are especially at risk of developing severe illness and complications. Therefore, rapid diagnosis is important not only for timely therapeutic intervention but also for the identification of a beginning influenza outbreak. Recently published results of clinical trials using new anti-influenza virus compounds, the neuraminidase inhibitors, demonstrated that these drugs are effective against influenza viruses A and B and are most effective when administered early, when symptoms first emerge. With the development of such new treatment options, rapid detection methods become even more desirable.

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