geneMAP™ FLT3 ITD/D835Y Mutation Detection Kit (FLT3-FA25)


  • Superior analytical sensitivity and specificity with combination of Allele Specific PCR and fluorescence fragment analysis
  • Fast and Easy to Use with Multiplex Realtime PCR Technology
  • Detection of D835Y and Internal Tandem Dublication ( ITD) mutations on FLT3 gene.
  • Compatible with ABI 3100 series and 3500 sequencer instruments
  • CE-IVD

Mutation of the fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 gene consisting of internal tandem duplication (FLT3-ITD), which is one of the most frequent genetic alterations, occurs in 15–35% of adults with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Many studies have reported that the FLT3-ITD and Tyrosin Kinase Domain TDK (D835Y) mutations strongly contributes to an increased risk of treatment failure and to a poor prognosis. Detection of ITD and D835Y mutations at diagnosis is now a routine clinical practice to provide guidance of optimal treatment for AML patients.

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